My name is Lynne Banki and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have an awesome family and great friends. I started learning about autism through my oldest son over two decades ago. Since then, everything I do eventually finds its way back to helping people with autism and their families.


  • Special Needs Program Director at True Martial Arts in Sammamish, WA.
  • Co-author of What Autism Means to Me by Caspian and Lynne Banki
  • Owner of Lifelight Books (Caspian's book, Autism Ratio Emoticons, Autism Presentations, Teacher Kits)
  • Public speaker presenting to all ages about Autism as a Difference - can be specific to a classmate or co-worker
  • Founder and previous Executive Director of Autism Day WA, organizing inclusive annual events serving countless families for 15 years.

  • Para Educator for Autistic students attending Rosen preschool for the Deaf

  • Lead singer for the band Flipside of 40

15 years of autism day WA

Lynne started Autism Day at Jubilee Farm in Carnation, WA in 2001. She and her family, both local and national, carried the annual event to the successful tradition it became for the next 15 years. The non-profit has since been passed on to an enthusiastic board under the leadership of Executive Director Susan Kang Smith.